“You Can’t Get Rich Working a J.o.b.”

Ever think about becoming rich one day? Living life on your own terms. Well, I know I do every single day. Working a job does pay bills but it does not give us freedom to do what we want to do in life, like travel the world and live life on our terms. I am grateful that I have an open-mind to look outside the job arena and start to look at more ways that I could make more money from the comfort of my own home. Being an employee working for someone else’s dream, making my employer richer just to pay my bills, barely able to save up for a vacation and for retirement, I realized I wanted more out of life than to just get up everyday and get in traffic to go clock in to make someone else rich. I have major goals in my life and I can’t accomplish them being at a job day in and day out.

The goals that I have in my life right now requires me to make a lot of money and I know I can’t do that working for someone else. Jobs don’t pay much and having a job will guarantee that we will be broke after paying all of our bills with little money to save, with property taxes and taxes rising. Me begging for a pay raise at a job would be humiliating and it wouldn’t be enough anyways to accomplish my goals in life.

I wanted to be able to give myself my own pay raise, so I decided to become an entrepreneur. After my research and discovery about entrepreneurship I have come to the realization that being an entrepreneur is a more realistic way to becoming rich in today’s society. Jobs can interfere with our lives and we can’t get ahead by working on someone else’s dream. We either work on our goals and dreams or on someone else’s. It is time for us to start working on our own goals and dreams today! Do you agree?

We should want to have our own business. If not, we are going to be sentenced to a life-time of labor for someone else.

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Crenshaw Davis